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Once your Xero account has been established, all of the clients accounts receivable invoices are entered into the Xero cloud based software. Each particular client will have their own file established, containing their business details. It is then a matter of entering all of your client invoices into Xero on a regular basis.


All payments received and downloaded through the bank feeds are reconciled against individual invoices with any discrepancies resolved.


Requirements for every business are different, but below are a list of the specific accounts receivable services we can provide:

  • Record sales invoices on XERO

  • Attach PDF copy of invoice to entry if created in third party software

  • Reconciliation of invoices against payments received and bank accounts

  • Liaise with customer on accounts receivable queries, invoices and adjustments

  • If required add very useful third party debt management chasing software that allows debts to be recovered more efficiently.

  • Attendance on site at regular intervals, the frequency of which are determined commensurate to your business needs

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