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For many small business owners, the payroll process can be quite daunting and tricky to navigate with varying awards and allowances, not to mention penalty rates, leave entitlements, individual loadings and superannuation contributions that need to be applied.


As Australia's professional accounting firm for small business, our team will support you with all of your payroll requirements, helping you to establish and maintain a customised cloud based, Xero account, combined with a user-friendly payroll function. We can assist your small business with all aspects of payroll. Our experienced team will set up your Xero account to include employees details, whilst establishing the requirements of the award involved to ensure employees are consistently paid their correct entitlements in an accurate and timely manner.


Payroll requirements for every small business can vary greatly. Our team of experienced accountants offer a comprehensive range of payroll services, tailored specifically to your business needs.

These include:

  • Wages recorded on XERO

  • Annual Group Certificates

  • Workers compensation preparation and lodgment

  • Monthly and quarterly superannuation calculations

  • Pay slip preparation

  • Calculation of payroll

  • ATO Group certificate reconciliation

  • Calculation of payroll tax and annual reconciliation

  • Payment of superannuation

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